Immerse yourself in the diverse approaches of international district heating models, delving into their design, operations, and profound environmental implications. Through engaging case studies, you'll gain insights into successful implementations across various regions, unveiling the valuable lessons learned from each unique context. Explore cutting-edge technologies, policy frameworks, and energy efficiency strategies that mold district heating systems across continents.


Our course features highly experienced and knowledgeable lecturers who are experts in their respective fields. Each lecturer brings a wealth of practical experience, academic expertise, and a deep understanding of the subject matter to the classroom. They have a proven track record of delivering engaging and insightful instruction, ensuring that participants receive the highest quality education.

Herman H.E.W. Eijdems

MSc, Innovation and strategy director, Mijnwater BV, Holland

Ingo Leusbrock

PhD, Head of Department "Cities and Networks" at AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies

Patrick Lauenburg

PhD, E.ON Energy Solutions Sweden, Chief Engineer

Romanas Savickas

PhD, Member of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

    The certification included in this course is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality education and ensuring that participants possess a recognized and valuable credential. Our certification is meticulously designed to reflect the depth of knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course. It is widely respected and acknowledged within the industry, serving as a mark of distinction and a validation of the participant's expertise in the field of energy efficiency assessment. The certification not only demonstrates proficiency in key concepts and practices but also enhances professional credibility and career opportunities. With our rigorous assessment processes and stringent standards, participants can trust that the certification they earn carries substantial value and recognition in their pursuit of excellence.


  • 4 academic hours
  • Downloadable Learning Materials
  • A Final Exam designed to test your knowledge
  • Professional Certificate
  • The information below is only applicable to residents of Estonia:

    Eesti Soojustehnikainseneride Seltsi, „Kaugkütte- ja kaugjahutussüsteemid“ spetsialiseerumisel täienduskoolituse punkte: 4 TP
  • UN Environment Programme experience in district heating field at different continents and different countries: Chile, Argentina, Ukraine, Mongolia
  • Innovative solutions in Swedish district heating networks
  • Wien Energie solutions in Austrian district heating networks (including heat planning and solar thermal)
  • The leading practical example of 5th generation district heating networks in Netherlands
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