The seminar welcomes pre-insulated heat network designers as well as engineers responsible for the design and construction of heat networks.

The goal of the training is to introduce the latest methods of pipeline design, pre-stressing, and cold installation, assessment and control of construction quality, as well as to discuss and address, in workshop format, technical challenges that heat network designers encounter in practice.

TalTech + online


12 hours


Members of Estonian Association of Thermal Engineers -10%


07. - 08.11.2023


Gert has more than 13 years of experience in the design of factory-made, bonded pipe systems installed in the ground. He is a member of the European working group WG 13, which deals with the standardization of the EN 13941 "Design and installation" standard. Gert is involved in the development of tools to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership, by making the right choice of pipe system, and the longest possible lifetime, by making the correct system design.

has over 15 years of experience in district heating design. He has successfully led the design of over 500 kilometers of pipelines in various regions, including Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Germany, and Latin America. In addition, he plays a key role in adapting the EN 13941 standard for district heating pipelines. Aleksandr holds the EUR ING title in the field of thermal energy.

has 10 years of experience in the design of factory-made piping
systems installed in the ground. She is Technical Design Department Manager
for region Central Europe & Export and Kingspan Academy trainer.


HeatConsult, Member of the board


Engineer at Logstor


Engineer at Logstor


The aim of the training is to provide the necessary knowledge on design in accordance with the LOGSTOR design principles and the guidelines of EN 13941-1.

General presentation

Theoretical basis - Design Guide and EN 13941-1

Definiton of pipe systems

Temperature / pressure – lifetime
Project classes:
A-B and C – project classes / safety
Number of full load cycles

Fundamentals of bonded pipe systems in soil

Friction, expansion, natural fixpoint

Straight pipe sections

Allowable axial stress level, 150 / 190 MPa or no limitLimit stabilityUse of LOGSTOR online tool on practical examples


Trench backfill material – compaction, what to inspect on site
Pipes in protection pipe
Lifting several pipes
Max trench length exposed with heat on
Shallow installation
Max. soil cover

Change in direction

Allowable axial stress level, Limit stability
Compensated system,
Preheated system ( in open trench)
E-comp system
High axial stress level ( without compensation)
Examples with online tool


Calculation of expansion zone.
80 to 90°, other angles 10 to 80.
Online tool for L / Z and U bends

Casing joint

Material properties
Shrink joints
Welded joints

Monitoring systems

Detect principles (resistance / impulse),


45° branch – max distance to next expansion/ expansion
90° branch - movement
Max length of branch
Examples with online tool


1 or 2 step reductions in media pipe

TwinPipe design

Design (what is different to single pipe)
Merging from single to TwinPipe
Handling of Twinpipe

Flexible pipes

Different types
Cu / Steel / PEX / AluPex – design rules

Heat loss calculation

Different types of calculation in LOGSTOR Calculator
TCO tool – evaluation of pipe system and insulation series


Students/Engineers to come with Design challenge from daily life/On going projects
  • Slides
  • Exam
  • Certificate
    The information below is only applicable to residents of Estonia:
    Seminari läbinud saavad soojusenergeetikainseneri kutseala (kaugküte- ja kaugjahutuse süsteemide spetsialiseerumisel) täienduskoolituse punkte: 9 TP.
  • The course will be conducted in English.
  • The course will take place in the premises of TalTech University.
  • The number of seats in the auditorium is limited to 40 people.
  • LIVE broadcast of the seminar.
  • Opportunity for replay.
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